Having worked with startups ever since startups became “a thing” and found herself at the centre of the UK’s fastest growing industry (15% of companies in 2013-14 were digitally focused enterprises), Marina’s guidance is much sought after: “this industry is very different to the traditional business environment”, she says, “it’s important that founders understand that from the outset and are prepared for what lies ahead, be that gaining traction, driving revenues, or raising capital.” Marina is the co-founder of Dreamstake and  running educational events and startup workshops to guide the founders on their uneasy journey of building technology in their early days.

FinTech Startups

London is the fastest growing FinTech hub in the world and Marina has been involved with and mentored several notable companies, as well as regularly inviting celebrated Fintech founders to speak as part of the panel at her regular Fintech events at Google Campus. She has also acted as a mentor at the Fintech Startup Bootcamp Accelerator.

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